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Loreto Bay Testimonial

Dear Bert & Laurie,

Just a quick note to thank you for the work you did on our home in Mexico. We have been looking for years for good screens for all our windows and doors and most people said it could not be done. The wide opening of 275"W X 9TH in the living room was a challenge for anyone I spoke with.

Not only did you find a solution for all areas but the screens look GREAT and function so easily. From the time I contacted you through your website the whole process experience was wonderful. Laurie was great to work with and prompt in replying to all my questions. The installation was done professionally, on time and on budget, I am thrilled.

Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference.

With appreciation,
Gisèle Privé

Bert, I thought I would drop you a note to say how pleased I am with the installation of my Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens from Baja Screens. You and your crew were extremely professional and you should be proud of the quality of the installation. Not only do the screens look great, but they serve many other functions for our home other than Hurricane protection. During the heat of the day I put the motorized screens down and the UV protection keeps the base temperature of the house much cooler with the ability to still see outside. That is going to help my summer electric bill. I would highly recommend you, your staff, your company and the product you represent to any individual or company looking for outstanding Hurricane protection with quality professional installation.

Best Regards,
Brooks and Donna Whitehead
Camprestre Hacienda

Our Phantom Screens from Baja Screens have filled the missing piece we needed to finalize our Loreto Bay courtyard home. We still need the heater in midwinter and the air conditioner in midsummer, but most of the year we just open the doors and windows and let the breeze blow through the screens, completing the indoor-outdoor feel we wanted in our home.

We now, for example, wake up at dawn to the chorus of birds that so beautifully occupy our corner of paradise — birds we rarely heard through closed doors.

Baja Screens did a wonderful job of installation, taking into account our existing doors, hardware and shades, and even installing hooks to keep the doors open. The screens are sturdy and retract smoothly. And with Bert and Laurie often staying here and always easy to reach, we know we can get help if we ever need it.

Jim and Mary Ellen H.
Loreto Bay

I would like to thank Laurie and Bert Huisman, the distributors of Phantom Screens for Baja California Sur for first introducing me to the Phantom Screen product and then installing nine Phantom Screens in my home in Nopolo. They have changed the way I live at home.

First of all, they are a beautiful and well made product. When not in use, they retract into a small frame that is hardly noticeable. They virtually disappear. When you pull the screen out of the frame, they offer protection from bugs and provide great ventilation. Especially with cross ventilation, there is hardly a need to turn on the A.C. They also provide UV protection.The screens lock either by a latch, or magnetically. There is a small threshold on the bottom of the door frame that the screen rides in that is about 3/4 of an inch high. There is no problem stepping over this track.

With all the rain we had last year, the insects are unbearable at times. Phantom Screens solved this problem for us and at the same time provides a cooler environment.

The installation that Bert provided was first rate. He did not just install a product, he upgraded my home at the same time. I can give no higher recommendation to Baja Screens.

Alan R.

Thank you Bert and Laurie...we love our new Baja Screens...very easy to use, provide relief from the direct hot sun and allow bug free cooling breezes to our casa.

A great job done installing these.

Gracias Peter & Cheryl D.


I mentioned to Bert that we would be happy to show our new screens to anyone while we are in Loreto, the difference between the Phantom Screens and what we had previously put in. The plan is to replace the old screens over time as budget allows with all Phantom Screens. The old ones do not hold a candle to your product.

Also, just an FYI that our Property Manager spoke very highly of both you and Bert. Even though I love our Property Manager, I had been burned so many times with work here I wanted both Teresa & I to see your product first, plus the install. Thank you for showing us your screens and how they worked before we had them installed.

We both are pleased and will pass along the info to our Property Manager and others as well.

Thank you,
Jeff G.

Even in September, we were able to use our screens just last week right after the rains.

Brian D.

Thanks much - love the screen.

Sherry F.

The screen is in and we are very happy with it. It is getting hotter, so we are delighted to be able to leave that window open and keep our cat in at the same time.

Mimi K.

Thanks to you and Bert for your efforts in Loreto.

Ken R.

Hi Laurie,

Our new screens look great--- can't wait to get down and use them again. I know we will probably want more:)

Penny G.

Hi Bert and Laurie,

The screens look great and they look as good or better than we expected.

Brian D.

Thanks - we love it.

Al & Tanni G.

Works great and the lovely Loreto air is wafting in. Thanks Laurie.

Mimi K.

Thanks! We love the screens!

Yvonne N.

Thanks to both of you.

Rich R.

Screen is great.

Elaine S.